Ruth Gordon: Course DirectorRuth has worked for Proofed Inc. (the parent company of Proofreading Academy) for four years, first in a freelance proofreading role, then in administration, and now as part of Proofreading Academy, which functions as the training and hiring arm of Proofed Inc.

She started proofreading professionally with Proofed Inc. and now has a proofreading and editing qualification, as well as a BA and a Masters in Philosophy and English Literature, and a Certificate in Teaching English as Foreign Language to Adults. She has been training proofreaders for Proofed Inc. for the past three years and developed the course with the help of a team of other experienced proofreaders from 2016–2017. The course distills all of the knowledge the team has gained about proofreading and training freelancers and aims to take students through from beginners to fully qualified proofreaders, giving them all the knowledge they need to proofread a variety of different types of texts.

Ruth lives in Portugal and in her spare time likes to play the banjo and clarinet.
Hannah Nilsumran: TutorHannah is a qualified librarian with experience working with MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). She has been working for Proofed Inc. for the past two years and has a further 9 years’ experience working in the insurance and financial services industry. She has an MA in Classics, an MSc in Information Science and a BA in English Literature and Classical Studies.

Aside from keeping fit by running after her small twins, in her spare time Hannah likes to play the piano, load up her Kindle with far too many books and drag her family on unusual city breaks.
Steph Hill: TutorSteph is an active and dynamic individual, inspired by dramatic landscapes, and her own motivation to learn and experience new things. She has a BA in Theatre and an MSc in Protected Landscape Management as well as a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults. Steph enjoys a healthy, outdoor lifestyle, which is reinforced by her relocation to the rural idyll of the Lake District to strive for a work life balance after working in busy and noisy places for 15 years.

Steph has been part of the Proofed Inc team on a part time basis for five years and has recently joined the Proofreading Academy using her background in major events management to support the administration side of the business. Steph is also a part time proofreader and has edited several books on travel and community based natural resource management. She also used to edit a sports magazine. Steph enjoys interacting with people from all over the world and being part of a multi-cultural society whether at home or overseas, most recently during her six month sabbatical in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan with her 3-year-old daughter.
Chrissy Derbyshire: Tutor and Blog writerChrissy is a proofreader, writer and part-time folklorist and storyteller. She has a first class degree in English Literature and is qualified as a post-compulsory teacher. She has worked for Proofed Inc for several years, initially as a freelance proofreader, then as an admin, and finally working on the content, delivery and tie-in blog of Proofreading Academy.

In her spare time Chrissy likes to write and talk about mythology and folklore. She has had a book of poetry and short stories published, as well as several stories, poems and essays in magazines and anthologies. She gives talks and tells stories at various charity events, clubs and festivals. She also enjoys hanging out with her 8-year-old future rock-star/astronaut daughter, singing showtunes too loudly, watching bad movies and reading good books.