Mike was looking for a flexible job that would allow him to enjoy his hobbies and passion for travel, and continue teaching English as a second language. He went on to graduate from Proofreading Academy, and has found freelance proofreading to be the perfect match! Read more.


Petya was already working as a freelance proofreader, but wanted to polish up her skills and gain extra confidence. Since graduating from Proofreading Academy, Petya has taken her expertise to a new level and continued to grow her own clientele. Read more.


Becoming a freelance proofreader is a great way to support any other freelance pursuits in your life. After graduating from Proofreading Academy, Jane was able to earn some extra money and continue her work as a freelance photographer. Read more.


Tony was looking for a job where he could get a better work-life balance. Since graduating from Proofreading Academy, he’s signed on with our proofreading partner Proofed and is enjoying his new life as a professional pedant! Read more.


When we say that as a freelance proofreader, you can work anywhere in the world, we really mean it. Armed with only her laptop and proofreading skills, Wendy has set sail to proofread around the globe. Read more.


Viktorie had always wanted to work as a book editor, and since graduating from Proofreading Academy, she’s one step closer to reaching her career goals.

Now a fully-fledged proofreader for our partner company Proofed, she’s gaining the skills and experience she needs to pursue her dream. Read more.


Because we offer guaranteed work with Proofed with a passing grade, studying at Proofreading Academy is a great move towards finding work that you find rewarding.

Now a graduate of Proofreading Academy, Rowena has been keeping busy with her new job at Proofed! We were so pleased to have helped Rowena find job satisfaction that we got in touch to find out more. Read more.


Freelance proofreading gives you the opportunity to try out new career paths.

Amy was (and still is) a part-time governance officer at the University of Nottingham when she found out about Proofreading Academy. Now working two jobs part-time, Amy can earn a bit extra with the option to explore a new career should she wish to. Read more.


Freelance proofreading gives you the flexibility you need to put the important things first.

Hannah needed a job that allowed her to focus on her wellbeing. After taking our Becoming A Proofreader course, she can do exactly that. Read more.


While studying for her degree in creative writing and English, Khadijah lost her job due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Studying at Proofreading Academy allowed Khadijah to find replacement work during lockdown; now, her new job supports her long-term aspiration to become an editor. Read more.


Working remotely as a freelance proofreader gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere. If you wish to travel, our Becoming A Proofreader course can set you up with the job you need to make that happen.

Samira is a travel writer and freelance proofreader. Working for Proofed has given her the income and freedom to travel the world as she wishes. Read more.


Sue lives in Lincolnshire in the UK and decided to become a proofreader after being a homemaker for 16 years. She now enjoys the freedom of freelance proofreading because it allows her to spend more time on her hobbies and with her family.

We caught up with her to find out more about how she found the transition from homemaking to freelance proofreading. Read more.


If you’re looking for flexible and interesting work to support your pension in retirement, working as a freelance proofreader might be perfect for you! It can provide you with the extra income to fulfill your retirement plans without getting in the way of them.

Currently Ava is enjoying balancing freelance proofreading with her other job as a professional biologist but she plans to proofread on the road once she retires. Read more.

Myra (Academic Proofreading)


Myra was teaching English as a second language when she decided to become an academic proofreader. She has lived in China, Korea, and parts of Latin America, but is now based in the US.

Myra loves that her work as a proofreader helps to ensure that a diverse range of voices are heard in the international academic community. Read more.

Rachel (The Proofreading Career Convert


Rachel was working in retail when she came across Proofreading Academy’s Becoming A Proofreader course. Fueled by her love of reading and knowledge of spelling and grammar, she completed the course and passed with distinction.

She now freelances with Proofed, and has recently joined Proofreading Academy as part of the sales and customer service team. Read more.

Kathleen (Working for Proofed)


Kathleen had worked in a restaurant for a year and a half after graduating from university when she found Proofreading Academy.

After completing the course and freelancing at Proofed for six months as an editor and proofreader, Kathleen now works as part of the admin team, answering customer queries and helping new editors find their feet. Read more.

Hayley (Proofreading as an Extra Source of Income)


Hayley proves that you don’t need to have a degree to become a proofreader!

After starting the course while pregnant, Hayley passed with distinction and now freelances for Proofed as a way of supplementing her main source of income. Read more.

Elizabeth The Linguist


Elizabeth has always followed her passion for language, first obtaining a PhD in linguistics, and now a role at Proofed as a freelance editor!

Being able to work outdoors is one of Elizabeth’s favourite freelancer perks, as well as the flexibility to fit her work around her other commitments. Read more.

Amanda Working Mom


Freelance proofreading allows you to fit work around family commitments, making it the perfect career option for working parents.

Here, we catch up with Amanda, a working mom who is enjoying having more time to bake and read (as well as look after her three kids!) since passing the Becoming A Proofreader course and starting her work with Proofed. Read more.

Samantha Working from Home


Having a job, such as freelance proofreading, that allows you to work from home has become increasingly appealing in the last year.

Samantha, an English major and part-time housekeeper, found exactly this by taking the Becoming A Proofreader course. She now works as a freelancer for Proofed and has even been able to fund some home renovation projects with her extra income! Read more.

Emily The Medical Writer


Proofreaders come in many different shapes, sizes, and areas of expertise.

You certainly don’t need an English degree to become a professional proofreader, and Emily, who has a PhD in cardiovascular medicine, demonstrates just this! Read more.

Jennifer The Second Job


Freelance proofreading and editing can be an ideal second job, allowing you to find more freedom and escape the 9-to-5, or earn an extra income.

Jennifer, who had worked in the jewellery sector for over 20 years, took the Becoming A Proofreader course on top of her full-time job. She has since made the jump to proofreading full time. Read more.

Liz The Actor


Liz works primarily as an actor under the name Liz Jadav. She discovered Proofreading Academy when she was looking to pick up some extra work between acting jobs.

Liz passed the Becoming A Proofreader course with distinction, and now enjoys fitting freelance proofreading around her other work and interests. Read more.


Working parents can often feel pulled in two directions, stretched between demands from their career and family. But freelance proofreading allows you to organise your work around your family, making it the ideal job for working mums such as Laura.

Laura was a full-time mum when she decided to pursue her passion for the English language by training to be a proofreader and editor at Proofreading Academy. Laura now enjoys the flexibility of working freelance for Proofed, fitting her work in around her family and other interests. Read more.


The Becoming A Proofreader course can be just as useful for people who need editing skills as part of their main job as people who want a career in freelance proofreading.

Marita, a Proofreading Academy graduate from Germany, uses the skills she learned on the course in her role in the technical writing department at a software company. Read more.


When Thenere’ left office work to pursue a career as a proofreader, our Becoming A Proofreader course gave her the flexibility, confidence, and expertise she needed to go freelance and set up her dream business. Read more.


When her career in the spa industry came to a halt during lockdown, Antonia decided to put her perfectionist tendencies to good use with a new career as a freelance proofreader. She’s found work she enjoys and has taken back control of her life. Read more.


Alexandra had always wanted a job that offered the flexibility to work-at-home, or anywhere with a WiFi connection! Since graduating from Proofreading Academy, Alexandra has been able to fit her work around her other hobbies and interests. Read more.


Letitia has been able to drop down her hours at a further education college since graduating from Proofreading Academy. With the help of our proofreading partner, Proofed, she can begin transitioning to freelance work. Read more.


Need stable work in unstable times? Vuyo did. After losing his job during lockdown, Vuyo turned to Proofreading Academy to become a proofreader. Since graduating, he’s found his feet with regular work as a freelance proofreader. Read more.


If you’d like a job that gives you the time to manage your own projects, join Proofreading Academy.

Ali was looking for a job that he allowed him to work on his own side hustles and, since graduating, he’s found exactly that. Read more.


If you’ve taken some time out from the world of work, freelance proofreading can be a great way to ease yourself back into the swing of things.

After graduating from Proofreading Academy and signing on with Proofed, you’ll be able to work as much or as little as you’d like – so you can get back to work at your own pace, just like Jade. Read more.


Our comprehensive, CPD-accredited Becoming A Proofreader course is the perfect gateway to a career in proofreading and editing.

Staci had always wanted to pursue a career in editing but didn’t know where to start. And since graduating from Proofreading Academy, Staci is gaining the experience she needs for her dream career. Read more.


Flexible enough to fit in around almost any job, freelance proofreading is a great option for those looking for a second source of income.

Robert was working as a church pastor before graduating from Proofreading Academy. Now a fully qualified proofreader, Robert has opened up a new source of income for himself while doing work he enjoys. Read more.


Lots of our recent graduates have joined Proofed in need of new work due to the pandemic.

Orla was already used to working freelance. But she needed to find a new job once COVID-19 put her yoga teaching to a stop. Now a qualified proofreader, Orla can work safely from home until she’s ready to get back to teaching classes. Read more.


We have students and graduates from a wide range of backgrounds and career paths – and engineering is no exception!

Engineer by day, Aleks was looking for a side income that would help him satisfy his inner bookworm without having to quit his main job. Find out how he’s getting on in his new role at Proofed. Read more.


Helen was recently made redundant and found herself in need of a new career. She found out about proofreading academy and signed up for our Becoming A Proofreader course.

Now a proofreading academy graduate and qualified freelance proofreader, she’s overcome redundancy and is enjoying her new job.
Read more.


COVID-19 turned your world upside down? Bounce back by becoming a freelance proofreader.

Britta needed a job that allowed her to be at home while schools were closed. She took our Becoming A Proofreader course and signed on to work with Proofed. Read more.


Proofreading from home can give you precious time to spend with family, all while doing work you’re passionate about.

To see how freelance proofreading can fit into the busy life of a new mom, we’ve spoken to Proofreading Academy graduate Breanna. Read more.


The flexibility of working hours and location made possible by going freelance means you can fit your job around your lifestyle and health needs.

After Maddy was diagnosed with a condition that meant she was no longer able to work her normal job, she found Proofreading Academy and now enjoys working for Proofed and getting an insight into a variety of topics from the comfort of her home office. Read more.

Denise Take Control Of Your Work Hours


Denise was looking for a job that would allow her to take back control of her work hours and escape the 9 to 5. Proofreading Academy’s work guarantee gave her the perfect opportunity to do just this.

Now Denise enjoys working from home and balancing proofreading with her other passions and projects. Read more.

Alanna Freelance Proofreader


Before becoming a proofreader, Alanna worked long days in sales and operations management. After deciding she wanted to find work which allowed her to spend more time with her family, Alanna found Proofreading Academy.

She is now enjoying a simpler and more fulfilling life thanks to the flexibility and freedom that freelance work brings. Read more.

Stephen Working from Home During COVID-19


In normal circumstances, Stephen works as an actor. However, thanks to a well-known global pandemic, his usual work dried up in 2020, leading him to look for other opportunities.

Here, Stephen reflects on completing and passing the Becoming A Proofreader course and beginning his freelance proofreading career with Proofed. Read more.

Eve Student Job


The flexibility of freelance proofreading makes it the perfect student job. Plus, it draws on the same skills that you already use in academic writing.

Eve completed and passed the Becoming A Proofreader course during her summer break. Now, she fits professional proofreading around her studies and hobbies, earning money from home in the process. Read more.

Stephen Working from Home During COVID-19


Margaret is a practising osteopath. She passed the Becoming a Proofreader course and started working with Proofed in 2019.

Margaret loves freelancing at Proofed because it allows her to be in control of her availability, fitting proofreading and editing around her other passions. Read more.

Stephen Working from Home During COVID-19


Proofreading Academy graduate Cole shows that you don’t have to have had a language-based career to become a freelance proofreader.

After serving over 10 years in the US Army, Cole discovered Proofreading Academy. He passed the course with distinction, going on to work as a freelancer for Proofed. Read more.

Alie The English Graduate


Proofreading can be a great way to supplement other sources of income such as that made from creative writing.

Here, we catch up with Proofreading Academy graduate and poet Alie, who now works as part of the Proofed admin team, as well taking on freelance proofreading work. Read more.

Zak Youssef The Graduate


If you’re unsure of what career path to follow after graduating, proofreading and editing can be a great option.

Zak lives in Vancouver Canada, and followed his university graduation with his graduation from Proofreading Academy. Zak usually works from home, but he loves that freelance proofreading gives him the opportunity earn an income while travelling. Read more.


Claudio took the Becoming A Proofreader course while he was waiting for his first novel to be published.

He passed with flying colours and now works for Proofed as part of their operations team, as well as continuing to proofread documents and work on his own writing projects. He enjoys the freedom of freelancing, and has found he has more time now to focus on his passions. Read more.