Proofreading Checklists

Proofreading checklists

Always forgetting that one crucial step when proofreading? You're not alone. Proofreading is a many-faceted thing and there is a lot to remember when approaching a piece of writing.

To help you, we've compiled a selection of checklists for proofreading. We designed each of these to help you remember all the important details. The checklists cover a range of document types, including academic, creative, and business writing. You can also download our blank template and personalise your list. 

Remember everything from spotting frequently misused words to differences between English dialects. We've also provided practical considerations for different types of clients and documents in each checklist. 

Arm yourself with Proofreading Academy's checklists to ensure nothing is missed when you edit. 

Downloadable Proofreading Checklists

Please note that we are aiming to expand our checklists soon to include more specific document types (e.g. formal business documents, student essays, novels); for now, these three broad categories cover the key points covered in our Becoming A Proofreader course to keep in mind while proofreading. 

Download your checklists here:

  • Academic proofreading checklist – Use this checklist for essays, dissertations, journal articles, theses, research papers, and any other academic documents.
  • Business proofreading checklist – Use this for proofreading any business-related documents. These may include business reports, marketing copy, email content, website content, blogs, and manuals. 
  • Creative proofreading checklist – Use this checklist when working with clients in the publishing industry. You can use this for fiction and non-fiction, novels, manuscripts, page proofs, scripts and screenplays, poetry, and more.
  • Blank checklist template – Download this blank template and personalise it. Always forgetting that one thing? Just add it to this document and create a list to remind yourself of the key steps of your proofreading process. 

We hope you find these helpful.

The Becoming A Proofreader course takes an in-depth look at many of spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues referred to in these checklists. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with everything you need to know to proofread professionally and work with a range of clients. Sign up to the free trial today!