Proofreading Checklists

Proofreading checklists

Always forgetting that one crucial step when proofreading a client’s document? You are not alone. Proofreading is made up of many steps and there is a lot to consider.

So, we have compiled a selection of checklists for proofreading. We designed each of these to help you remember all the important details of the proofreading process. The checklists cover a range of services and document types to suit all your needs.

From frequently misused words, differences between English dialects, and even practical considerations for different types of clients and documents, the proofreading process contains much to remember and consider.

Arm yourself with Proofreading Academy's checklists to ensure that nothing is missed during your own proofreading. 

Please note that we'll be adding checklists here from December 2020.