Mastering Microsoft Word

  • $75.00
  • 9 Hours3 Modules
Perfect for people working with Word documents who just want a streamlined refresher of their technical skills, this course will take you through all the features of Microsoft Word, with plenty of handy tips and tricks thrown in along the way! We'll show you everything you need to know to create perfectly polished, attractive documents. It's also great for people working in academia who'd like to learn how to format their own work. We'll go into all the technicalities needed to format complex academic documents. Please note this short course is an excerpt from our flagship course, Becoming A Proofreader. After completing our course, you will be able to:
  • Use the Track Changes and Compare features confidently to show the alterations you make as you proofread
  • Create dynamic tables of contents that generate automatically from document headers
  • Use the Styles feature to make sure all the text looks consistent
  • Perfect the spacing and layout of documents
This course includes the following modules:

1. Introducing Microsoft Word

We'll give you a gentle start to the program, taking you through our ideal workflow for proofreading and how to set the user name and proofing language. We'll also go through the differences between Track Changes and Compare, and talk you through the different types of comments you may use.

2. Formatting

Now things get a bit tougher – we'll tackle the advanced search feature and show you how to change the direction of text for documents coming from clients who normally use a right-to-left language. We'll also get you creating and modifying Styles and setting the paragraph, line, and margin spacing for documents.

3. Advanced Formatting

Here we delve deep into Microsoft Word, sharing with you the secrets of dynamic table creation, section-specific page numbering, text wrapping, and captions. We'll also go through creating dynamic lists and indexes, and share many magical shortcuts that will make your life as a proofreader many times easier!