This module covers

  • How to research a company
  • Different types of business documents
  • How to simplify business jargon
  • How to proofread using Google Docs

It is useful for:

  • People proofreading for businesses
  • Those who need to know how to work with Google Docs
  • Those who need to practice simplifying language
  • $75.00
  • 14 Hours3 Modules

Difficulty level


Additional Info

An overview of how to start proofreading professionally for businesses, with a guide to the different types of software you may be asked to work with.

This course also includes


We'll go over how to approach style in business texts, including how to create and work with style sheets, and how to proofread while preserving the company voice.

Proofreading In Different Software

We'll give you a complete overview to get started with all the common software you might meet while proofreading for businesses.