Basic Business Proofreading

  • $75.00
  • 14 Hours3 Modules
Find out how business proofreading differs from other types of proofreading and practise working with promotional materials. We'll also show you how to proofread in different programs. After completing our course, you will be able to:
  • Proofread in PDF, Google Docs, InDesign, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Create a style sheet
  • Understand how to work with websites and promotional material
  • Preserve the company voice while proofreading
  This course includes the following modules:

1. Getting Started

Find out how to get to know your client by researching their field of work, and give an overview of different types of document you may be asked to proofread.

2. Style

Discover how to create and follow a style sheet, how to preserve the company voice as you proofread and how to simplify overly complicated text into plain English.

3. Proofreading In Different Software

Learn how to proofread in different programs including: InDesign, PowerPoint, PDFs in Adobe, and Excel. Also try your hand at proofreading a business text with an interactive assignment.