This module covers

  • Details about how to navigate through the course
  • Terminology used in the course
  • Mechanical and substantive editing - their scope and purpose
  • What an editor does
  • What a proofreader does
  • What working on screen involves
  • An overview of client types
  • An introduction to the ethical issues involved in proofreading and editing
It is useful for:
  • People who want to know what digital proofreading means
  • Those who want to know if our full course is right for them
  • Those wanting to understand the traditional distinction between proofreading and editing
  • $295
  • 40 Hours10 Modules + Full Assessment

Difficulty level


Additional Info

Everything you need to know to start proofreading professionally, from correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation to dealing with different writing and referencing styles, and working with Microsoft Word.

This course also includes

The Basics of Microsoft Word

If you're a bit rusty with computing, this module will oil you up! Take a whistlestop tour through all the tools of Microsoft Word you'll need to get started with proofreading.

Common Spelling Mistakes

Finally, you can nail the difference between 'there', 'they're' and 'their' and much more besides!

Common Grammar Mistakes

Perfect your prepositions, parenthetical clauses, and parallelisms. Fix fragments and faulty agreement and free yourself from dangling and misplaced modifiers for evermore!