This module covers

  • Faulty agreement
  • Plural verbs and collective nouns
  • Compound subjects
  • Faulty parallelism
  • Fragments
  • Dangling and misplaced modifiers
  • Restrictive and non-restrictive clauses
  • Adverbs and adjectives
  • Determiners and prepositions
  • Regional grammar differences
  • Grammar myths
💡 It is useful for:
  • People wanting to brush up on their grammar
  • Those wanting to know the grammatical differences between regional dialects
  • Those needing a trusted guide to English grammar

🕑 Estimated time: 2–3 hours

  • $399
  • 50 Hours15 Modules + Full Assessment

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Additional Info

Everything you need to know to start proofreading professionally, from correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation to dealing with different writing and referencing styles, and working with Microsoft Word.

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