Academic Proofreading

  • $75.00
  • 12 Hours5 Modules
One of the biggest demands for proofreading is in the world of academia – articles by undergraduates, PhD students, and professional academics all need proofreading! If you are looking to start as a professional proofreader, this can be a great source of work. This quick-start guide is perfect for people who already have a sound grasp of spelling, grammar, and punctuation and just want to get right to work on it! Please note this short course is an excerpt from our flagship course, Becoming A Proofreader. After completing our course, you will be able to:
  • Proofread academic work confidently without over-editing
  • Leave tactful and helpful comments for customers
  • Correct the use of Latin terms used in academic writing
  • Proofread and edit quotes
  • Work with LaTeX documents
  • Correct a wide variety of different referencing styles
  • Deal with missing and incorrect information appropriately
  This course includes the following modules:

1. Introducing Academic Proofreading

Get to know the main issues you have to be careful with when proofreading academic work and find out when your overly helpful attempts at editing could result in charges of plagiarism against the author. Learn how to leave tactful and helpful comments for customers and understand some common academic terminology.

2. Quotes, Grammatical Person, And Tense Use

Think you're already quite a grammatical person? Discover what on earth we mean by this! Also, find out how to proofread and correct quotes without causing problems for the author and understand which tense is best suited to which part of an academic paper.

3. Harvard And APA Referencing

Things get source-y in this module, as we introduce all the different kinds of material that authors might cite in academic work and the details that need to be recorded for each one. We'll help you sort out your reference lists from your bibliographies and give you an insight into two common referencing systems.

4. MLA, Chicago, And IEEE Referencing

We know more referencing systems than you can shake a stick at, and we're still going strong with them in this module! We'll take you on a guided tour through our 'Major Styles Guides' hall of fame, featuring MLA, Chicago, and IEEE systems.

5. OSCOLA, Bluebook, And AGLC Referencing

Going deep into the citation jungle, we'll point out a few lesser-known species, and show you how to interact with them! We'll also introduce you to the main different legal referencing styles, show you how to cite species and classic works, and clear up all the outstanding queries you might have by this point.