This module covers

  • MLA Referencing
  • Chicago Referencing
  • IEEE Referencing
It is useful for:
  • People working with one of the referencing systems outlined
  • People in academia who want an overview of different referencing systems
  • $75.00
  • 12 Hours5 Modules

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Additional Info

A complete overview of how to start proofreading academic work professionally, without straying into re-writing or over-editing, which can lead to charges of plagiarism against the author.

This course also includes

Introducing Academic Proofreading

Get to know the main issues you have to be careful with when proofreading academic work and find out when your overly-helpful attempts editing could result in charges of plagiarism against the author.

Quotes, Grammatical Person and Tense Use

Think you're already quite a grammatical person? Discover what on earth we mean by this!

Harvard and APA Referencing

Things get source-y in this module, as we introduce all the different kinds of material that authors might cite in academic work, and the details that need to be recorded for each one.