This module covers

  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Commenting
  • A proofreader's role in academic work
  • Subject-specific terms
  • Latin terminology

It is useful for:

  • People who are starting to work with academic proofreading
  • People studying who want to learn how to proofread their own work
  • $75.00
  • 12 Hours5 Modules

Difficulty level


Additional Info

A complete overview of how to start proofreading academic work professionally, without straying into re-writing or over-editing, which can lead to charges of plagiarism against the author.

This course also includes

Quotes, Grammatical Person and Tense Use

Think you're already quite a grammatical person? Discover what on earth we mean by this!

MLA, Chicago and IEEE Referencing

We know more referencing systems than you can shake a stick it, and we're still going strong with them in this module!

Harvard and APA Referencing

Things get source-y in this module, as we introduce all the different kinds of material that authors might cite in academic work, and the details that need to be recorded for each one.