Wondering what it’s like to work for Proofed Inc.? Here’s what some of our freelancers say about it:

“I have really enjoyed the proofreading work that I have done so far and it has given me an opportunity to read around topics I wouldn’t normally have access to. I feel that proofreading is a useful skill to have learned. I find my mind lends itself especially to proofreading documents written from an ESL perspective, as this is something I have some familiarity with from university. Proofed Inc. is a great company to start off in this field with they are very organised and helpful, and always on hand to advise you if you are unsure of anything. I would thoroughly advise taking the Proofreading Academy course if you are interested in pursuing proofreading, as it will teach you invaluable skills if you work in an academic field. I worked off the cost of my tuition fees within a couple of weeks!”

Matthew, Proofed Inc. Freelancer and Proofreading Academy Graduate


“As a creative writer and editor, working for Proofed Inc. is a perfect fit for my schedule, which can change on a daily basis. The flexibility that my role as proofreader provides ensures that I am able to schedule a myriad of different daily tasks in a way that not only guarantees all my deadlines are met, but also provides me with variety on a daily basis. As both a creative individual and someone with an interest in the humanities at an academic level, working for Proofed Inc. is job satisfaction guaranteed!”

-Lynne, Proofed Inc. Freelancer


“Overall I was very impressed by how clear and succinct the course was given the complexity of its subject matter. Proofed Inc. I also found very well organised and helpful.”

-Karen, Proofed Inc. Freelancer and Proofreading Academy Graduate