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Editor Profiles: Petya (Continued Professional Development)

Petya was working as a freelance proofreader before joining Proofreading Academy, but she wanted to invest in her professional development to polish up her skills and push her career forward. Since qualifying from our Becoming A Proofreader course and taking her expertise to the next level, she’s continuing to find clients independently. But she still has the option of a work guarantee with our partner company, Proofed, should she need it. We reached out to Petya to speak about all this and more. Take a look!

Hi, Petya! What made you consider the Proofreading Academy course?

Before I signed up for Proofreading Academy, I was already working as a freelance proofreader. I took the course as I felt I needed to improve my proofreading skills and continue my professional development.

Was there anything surprising in the course for you?

Yes! It is a well-planned and useful course, and I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent support.

How has your transition to working as a freelance proofreader with Proofed been?

My work so far has been outside of Proofed. I have been sourcing my own work independently and growing my clientele through referrals from former clients.

What do you enjoy most about proofreading?

I like working with words and helping authors present their best work. I also particularly enjoy proofreading academic documents.

What has been the single best benefit of having done the course?

Taking this course made me feel prepared and confident for my own freelance proofreading work. I am now able to utilize my skills while remaining available for my family.

What is your day-to-day routine like now?

When I am pressed by a deadline, I work for several hours during the day and, if necessary, at night. I use my breaks to spend time with my family and to catch up on housework.

What do you do when you aren’t proofreading?

At the moment I am continuing my professional development through a class in indexing. I also do some administrative work for a small business and look after my children.

Was the course good value for money?


Do you have a LinkedIn profile to share on our website?

Yes. Here it is!

Become a Proofreader

At Proofreading Academy, we believe in giving you the skills you need to live the life you want. Our Becoming A Proofreader course teaches you everything you need to know as a proofreader, whether you’re a complete beginner or in need of some professional development. We also offer a free trial, so you can try out our course for yourself.

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