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Editor Profiles: Mike (The ESL Teacher)

What could be better than a healthy work-life balance, the flexibility to meet your commitments, and the chance to work anywhere in the world? How about a career that gives you all three while fuelling your passion for English?

Meet Proofreading Academy graduate Mike, who found freelance proofreading to be the perfect match for his job teaching English as a second language.

Hi Mike! What made you decide to take the Proofreading Academy course?

As soon as the pandemic hit, I started looking for remote jobs. A friend told me about the demand for proofreading, and I believed this would be a good path for me because of my work experience.

During a Google search, I came across Proofed and applied. But when I took the first proofreading tests, I realized that I didn’t have the necessary skills to be a professional proofreader. So, I turned to Proofreading Academy and began my journey.

Was there anything you found surprising or particularly challenging about the course?

I’d say that grasping how Proofed uses Track Changes was the biggest learning curve. I didn’t understand that until one of my tutorials. Oh well, better late than never!

What’s been the biggest benefit of taking the course?

It helped me to improve my knowledge of the English language.

Is the course good value for money?

Absolutely! I felt that I got much more value from the course than from any other proofreading course!

How has your transition to working as a freelance proofreader been?

I currently work remotely teaching English as a second language. I’m also involved in a service club, so sometimes I have to do a bit of juggling. But overall, Proofed fits my lifestyle perfectly.

How has life changed for you as a freelance proofreader?

I love the flexibility Proofed offers. As a freelance editor, I can enjoy life much more than a typical 9–5 worker. It allows me to get out and enjoy my hobbies during the week while everyone else is working. I’m also an avid traveler and Proofed allows me to work anywhere in the world!

What’s your working day like now?

I teach in the evening, so I proofread in the morning – that’s when I’m at my best when proofreading. My afternoons are for virtual meetings and lesson planning. But my schedule can sometimes be hectic during the week, so I prefer to proofread on weekends.

What do you enjoy most about proofreading, and do you have a favorite subject area to proofread?

I love the fact that I can do it anytime and anywhere! I’m particularly fond of academic documents. They always bring back fond memories of my student days!

Where do you proofread? Have you got a work space set up?

I have an apartment with two bedrooms, and one of them is my office. That’s where I do all the proofreading and teaching. Also, I live alone, so unlike most people, I don’t have any distractions other than neighbors in the hallway or the monthly fire drills.

Have you ever been self-employed?

The whole self-employment thing has been a big adjustment. I take it one day at a time, and Proofed takes care of all the hard stuff, like finding clients and making sure they pay on time.

What do you do when you aren’t proofreading?

I love being outside! I cycle and kayak in the summer and ski and snowshoe in the winter. I’m also writing a novel and learning acrylic painting. Finally, I’m planning a big trip around the world in 2022 (provided the pandemic doesn’t worsen again), because that’s when I’ll turn 40.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

If you’re serious about becoming a proofreader but aren’t sure if this course is right for you, I can assure you that it is! It won’t only improve your skills but also your confidence. It’s also a must if you’re considering a position with Proofed!

You may be doing the course remotely, but you’ll never be alone. You’ll get help whenever you need it, whether it’s an email or a virtual phone call! Proofreading Academy is the best value for your buck (or your pound).

Do you have a LinkedIn profile you’d like to share with us?

Yes! You can find it here.

Becoming A Proofreader

If, like Mike, you want to improve your proofreading skills and kickstart a flexible freelance career, look no further than Becoming A Proofreader. You can even try it out for free!

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