Rachel | Customer Service

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Rachel has a BA in Multimedia and has worked in a variety of sales and customer service roles. She has even been doing some casual work as a casting assistant in a casting agency for actors in TV, film, and theatre since 2019.

Rachel took the Becoming A Proofreader course in 2020 and has been working as a freelance proofreader with Proofed since, as well as a customer service role with Proofreading Academy. She has a love for words and enjoys talking to people.

She has a huge passion for reading and adores animals. In her free time, she can be found curled up with a good book and a cup of tea, with her cat or two dogs close beside her. Her 2021 goal is to continue with her YouTube channel discussing her favourite books! She is a big fantasy and sci-fi nerd who also loves a good Disney movie. She wishes to travel the world in the future.

Ellie | Customer Service

Based in London, Ellie has an MA in Global History and is currently pursuing a PhD focused on decolonisation in the British Empire. Although history is clearly a passion, Ellie also has over five years of experience working in client services. In particular, she has worked at a number of digital agencies supporting a range of businesses, from charities to public sector organisations, achieve their digital and technical goals. Technology is therefore also a real interest of hers, especially where it intersects with society and politics. Her client services experience has now led Ellie to Proofreading Academy, where she is part of the Customer Service team.

In her spare time, Ellie loves to read, work-out, and cook. She’s also a big fan of travelling, so she’s hoping to get back to this at some point in 2021.

Jude | Content

While studying for his BA in English Literature at the University of Sussex, Jude found he was just as passionate about education as books. After working in local schools and creating specialised courses for disadvantaged children, Jude went on to develop two pedagogical research projects with the university. Now back at home in London, Jude is continuing his love for writing and education as a content writer for Proofreading Academy. Alongside his work here, Jude is writing his first article for publication in a local magazine.

Jude has always been passionate about music and the arts, having played with baroque music groups from a young age. He is a collector of vintage records and a lover of novels. One day, he hopes to perform with friends at the small festivals he attends in the summer.

In his free time, Jude loves going on bike rides, eating out and playing the guitar. He is not above going to the pub at the weekend to catch up with his mates from university and school or settling down to a bit of telly in the evening.

Jess | Content Marketing

Based in Gloucestershire, Jess has a BA in English Literature from the University of Bristol, and recently completed an Apprenticeship in PR and Communications with the Cambridge Marketing College. Before joining Proofreading Academy, Jess spent a couple of years honing her writing skills as part of a busy local government communications team, as well as creating content for an online retailer specialising in vintage and classic books.

In her free time, Jess enjoys reading (especially historical fiction and fantasy), walking in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, seeing live music, visiting heritage sites and museums, and going to the pub with friends. She also has an ever-growing collection of house plants, including several cactuses in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Chrissy | Content

Chrissy is a proofreader, writer and part-time folklorist and storyteller. She has a first-class degree in English Literature and is qualified as a post-compulsory teacher. She has worked for Proofed for several years, initially as a freelance proofreader, then as an admin, and finally working on the content, delivery and tie-in blog of Proofreading Academy.

In her spare time Chrissy likes to write and talk about mythology and folklore. She has had a book of poetry and short stories published, as well as several stories, poems and essays in magazines and anthologies. She gives talks and tells stories at various charity events, clubs, and festivals. She also enjoys hanging out with her 9-year-old future rock-star/astronaut daughter, singing showtunes too loudly, watching bad movies, and reading good books.

Debbi | Customer Service

Based in the US, Debbi has a BS in Business with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in International Business. She owned and operated a radio management and production company, which provided services such as building and running radio stations; writing, producing, and voicing radio and television commercials; creating a children’s audio series; producing continuing education audio courses; writing and editing press releases; providing FCC expertise, and constructing audio studios.

Her second business returned Debbi to her roots of swim instruction and coaching, as well as lifeguard/first aid/CPR training. Then, life led her to Proofreading Academy, where she now provides others with the same kindness and guidance that she received from the Proofreading Academy team.

Most important to Debbi is her family, which includes her always energetic and hilarious pup. He is her greatest passion!

Elisheva | Tutor

With a BA in Ancient History and five years of professional experience as a paralegal, Eli’s love of the written word led her to work with Proofed  as a freelance proofreader. From there, her role grew into that of an administrator at the company, assisting customers and supporting other freelance proofreaders working with the company. Four years later, Eli is currently posted as a tutor with Proofreading Academy and onboarding new freelancers at Proofed. She thoroughly enjoys helping would-be proofreaders learn the skills necessary to reach their proofreading potential. She also proofreads and copyedits books for various book publishers based in the US and Israel.

Eli is originally from the UK, and she and her family now live by a beach in the north of Israel. Her passion is art, and she draws and paints regularly. She also plays the piano and guitar.

John | Tutor

Based in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., John took the Becoming a Proofreader course in 2019 and now proofreads and edits for private clients, along with working as a tutor part time here at Proofreading Academy. He very much enjoys helping budding proofreaders from all over the world on their journey to become professionals.

John is also attending school in pursuit of a new career as a freelance court reporter and works part time as a freelance transcriptionist. He received a bachelor’s degree in English at Michigan State University and is a certified teacher of English as a foreign language, teaching in Greece and Japan. He also worked for many years with a company that provides representation to Social Security Disability claimants. John enjoys learning foreign languages, long-distance running, cooking, and acting in local theatre productions.

Mandy | Tutor

A few years ago Mandy started writing a blog and discovered a love of words and grammar; this led to her taking a few writing and editing courses and gaining a proofreading qualification. While looking for information on working professionally, she came across the Proofreading Academy course, signed up, loved it, passed, and, in April 2018, started working with Proofed as a professional proofreader. In December 2018 she joined the Proofreading Academy admin team.

Mandy loves reading, running long distances on the trails and in the mountains, and travelling; she has worked in a few countries and now lives in Canada. She has a medical degree and works part-time in healthcare.

Bethan | Content

Originally from a little Saxon town in Wiltshire, Bethan spent five years in Cardiff obtaining a first-class degree in English Literature, an MA in Creative Writing, and a smattering of dubiously-pronounced Welsh. In addition to writing her own poetry and short stories she has delivered a variety of creative writing workshops, and edits fiction on a freelance basis.

Since moving back to England, Bethan has had a variety of jobs, the most recent being based in a Tudor castle. This has provided some excellent material for her current projects, which include a historical fantasy novel and a blog about folklore and hauntings across Britain.

When not tapping away on her laptop, Bethan enjoys making art, hiking with her fiancé and spending many patient hours photographing wildlife. The natural world inspires her creativity, and she would love to one day produce an illustrated collection of zoological-themed poetry. She will also gladly talk your ear off about dinosaurs.

Alanna | Customer Service

Alanna has a BA in English Literature with minors in History and Latin from Centenary College of Louisiana. She spent some time teaching English to elementary students in Melun, France before pursuing an MA in English Literature, specializing in the Victorian Gothic genre, at the University of Rochester.

After finishing her studies, Alanna worked her way into customer service and operations management for large home improvements retailers in New York, Louisiana, and Texas. She spent over a decade training and managing top-performing teams. Before deciding to build a simpler life, Alanna spent a few years maintaining and strengthening relationships with strategic accounts and mentoring young professionals in several parts of the organization for a privately owned Fortune 500 company. In early 2020, Alanna began the Proofreading Academy course to make her way into a work-from-anywhere career. Since then, she has been honing her proofreading and editing skills on several exciting projects with the team at Proofed and enjoying a much fuller life at home with her wife, son, and two spoiled rotten cats.

Alanna loves living on the lake in an RV with her family and traveling around the United States during every break in the school year. Working at Proofed has helped her family get one step closer to not just living in an RV full time but traveling full time. Alanna enjoys reading, especially historical fiction about the Tudor dynasty, hiking through the woods with her wife, splashing around in any type of water with her son, and catering to her cats’ every whim.

Becca | Tutor

Becca was born in Liverpool, grew up in Belfast, and now lives in Carlisle. Her accent cannot decide where it belongs. She graduated with a BA in Performing Arts in 2008, but her career roamed through bars, offices and cafes before turning towards proofreading. A lifelong love of reading developed into a skill for spotting errors in any type of writing: on signs, in menus, and in her husband’s poetry, which is met with a mixed response. Becca enrolled on the Becoming a Proofreader course in early 2020 and then began work as a freelance editor with Proofed, proofreading everything from essays on Lolita fashion to articles on duck viruses. It’s all grist to the mill of general-knowledge quizzes.

Outside of work, Becca can be found performing other people’s poetry at the longstanding SpeakEasy open-mic night as well as other performance events, and she is part of a local theatre group. When not in the mood for literary pursuits, she enjoys bouldering, both in an indoor climbing centre and on various slabs of rock around Cumbria, as well as ploughing, planting and picking at her allotment (plus pickling and preserving the produce). She also enjoys alliteration.

Myra | Tutor

Myra has a BA in Sociology with additional study in Environmental and Urban Planning, and an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language. After a short career in the printing and copy industry, Myra began teaching English and academic writing in China followed by Korea, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. After another 5+ years in China, she took up residence (at least temporarily) in Washington state. Besides teaching English, Myra spent her years abroad in travel research and writing and the development and management of academic study abroad programs. Working in universities in other countries, she has seen how language can be a barrier to sharing knowledge. The pandemic of 2020 has been an opportunity to hone her skills to help writers around the world make their research and writing accessible to a broader audience. When not tutoring with Proofreading Academy or proofreading documents for Proofed, she enjoys exploring food and culture, watching movies, reading books with a view on other cultures, and dabbling in yoga and ballroom dancing. She dreams of someday making a long-distance journey on foot.

Simon | Tutor

Simon has a BA in Sociology and an MA in Media and Communications. He has had an eclectic career and worked in labour relations, consulted in information management, and served as a communications manager for an international social performance company. Many moons ago, he even produced a television stand-up comedy show!

Over the years, people have often commandeered Simon to edit various documents. This got him thinking, so in 2020 he decided to hone his skills with the Becoming A Proofreader course. He can be a bit of a perfectionist and enjoys finessing language to make a document shine.

In his spare time, Simon likes working out, jazz, current affairs, and settling down with a glass of wine and Netflix. Simon has always been a passionate traveller: he has visited almost a third of the world’s countries and hopes to steadily work towards half.

Steph | Business Operations Manager

Steph has a BA in Theatre and an MSc in Protected Landscape Management as well as a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults. Steph enjoys an outdoor lifestyle, which is reinforced by her relocation to the rural idyll of the Lake District in the UK to strive for a work-life balance after working in busy and noisy places around the globe for 20 years.

Steph has been part of the Proofed team as a proofreader since 2012 and joined Proofreading Academy in 2017 using her background in major events management to support the administration side of the business. Steph has edited several books on travel and community-based natural resource management; she also used to edit and publish her own sports magazine in Southeast Asia. Steph enjoys interacting with people from all over the world and being part of a multi-cultural society whether at home or overseas. She is currently chair of governors at a local school in the UK and sings in a Zoom choir once a week with a group based in Australia. A few years ago she took a six-month sabbatical and lived in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan with her daughter. As you do.

Alex | Graphic Designer

Alex is a father of 2 (cats), a melomaniac, a movie and videogames geek and a digital nomad on-the-road wannabe.  He recently returned to sunny Valencia in Spain after 6 years working as a graphic designer in mighty Scotland, which will always be his second home. Alex is an expert on branding, corporate identity and visual communication, and is currently coursing a UX/UI.