That’s right.


Okay, so what do I do?

You’ll need to complete our Becoming A Proofreader program that has been specifically designed to help you learn to proofread and edit like a pro.

The course will take approximately 40 hours to complete, but can take a lot less. It all comes down to how much you already know, but our formal process ensures that nothing is missed. You will also have the chance to show off your newly learnt skills in a test at the end of the course. The course costs $295, which represents great value for money. You can see the complete course breakdown here.

How long would it then take to start proofreading?

Once you pass the course with distinction (80% or above), we’ll have a call to set out the next steps and in normal circumstances you would be proofreading professionally within a week or two! You won’t be working with Proofreading Academy, but with our proofreader partner, Proofed. We do not anticipate that the availability of proofreading work will change too much in the current coronavirus pandemic; however, we can’t guarantee anything at present. There is still work available at Proofed, and Proofed is working closely with our business clients to maintain those relationships and support them through this difficult period. Around 40% of the work at Proofed is academic proofreading so given that students around the world appear to be continuing to study, albeit via online lectures, we do not expect this to change. The honest answer is that no one really knows what impact this will have on the global economy and all sectors. If you would like to speak to a member of our team to find out more you are welcome to schedule a call with us. Our availability is here.

Who is Proofed?

Proofed is a respected international network of over 150 freelancers, based all over the world. Highly experienced, the team has together proofread and edited over 250 million words. There is a friendly admin team that take care of both customers and freelancers, offering regular professional development training and an internal jobs board, where you can see and accept work as it comes in.

Will I be able to proofread anywhere?

Yes! As long as you have a PC/Laptop with the latest version of Microsoft Word and an internet connection, you really can proofread anywhere!

I’m ready, what do I do?

Sign up, complete the course, then start your new part-time or full-time career as a professional proofreader.