Proofreading Academy was developed in response to the need for a global benchmark for proofreading standards. The Proofreading Academy Becoming A Proofreader course launched in August 2017 and has always been based on the need for modern editing and proofreading in a digital world.

Proofreading Academy teaches modern proofreading techniques for every style of document. We prepare proofreaders for the real world of proofreading. At Proofreading Academy we recognise that most proofreading clients work on a computer with internet access, and require documents to be proofread immediately.

We now partner with individuals and companies from the private, public, and non-profit sectors, from around the world, to provide proofreading training solutions. This ensures their continued success through increased staff efficiency, as well as ours.

Proofreading Academy is a trading name of Interactive Learning Ltd, company number 12368022. The registered address is 59-60 Russell Square, London WC1B 4HP.

At a glance

  • The internet is the driving force for job creation and economic growth.
  • Proofreading Academy is committed to providing high-quality training for digital proofreading and editing. We work hard to ensure that our educational content is engaging, up-to-date, and the best-in-class in the proofreading training market. Proofreading Academy is committed to providing services and tools that enable proofreaders to achieve more.
  • Proofreading Academy meets the global demand for an affordable and professional proofreading course that provides training and support to obtain immediate work as a proofreader in the real world led by a digital agenda.

Why are we here?

Proofreading Academy developed in response to the need to have a global benchmark for proofreading standards.

Our proofreading partner, Proofed, has been working with freelance proofreaders since 2010 and found that there was no single qualification that covered all of the proofreading essentials required to proofread to its high standards. With an international network of clients from academic, business, and creative sectors, it was necessary to develop a training environment that helped proofreaders to achieve their potential and provide a solid benchmark in proofreading standard. The Proofreading Academy meets both this need, and offers wider support and continuing professional development for all proofreaders. Proofreading Academy now partners with Proofed by offering a work guarantee to successful graduates of the Becoming A Proofreader course.

Who are we?

The Proofreading Academy course is written and updated by a team of professional proofreaders and editing experts who know what works. We’ve pooled our expertise to share the methods we use every day to ensure flawless documents and guarantee happy clients.

What is needed?

We have seen first-hand how the demand for proofreading online has exploded in the last ten years as internet and computer use have become an integral way to how we study, work, and travel. The days of posting hard copies of reports and essays for mark-up are few and far between.

  • Students write assignments in Word ranging from application letters to colleges to PhD theses.
  • Businesses produce plans, reports, newsletters, and thousands of emails each day.
  • Creative writers produce drafts of novels, short stories, and poems in Word.

Proofreading clearly needs to be modern and digital.

What do we offer?

Proofreading Academy is one place to learn to use all of the proofreading tools required. Whilst we offer specialist courses for specific proofreading areas our strength is that we have a working knowledge of the market through our proofreading partners and have created a course that equips proofreaders with the tools of the trade to immediately begin work as a proofreader. What’s more, we will even help individuals find freelance work with our partner, Proofed. Prospective proofreaders just need to reach a distinction grade of 80% or above on our final assignments to qualify for our work guarantee.

Our competitors offer sector specific or issue specific courses, paper-based courses, or onsite courses. These courses do not reflect the demand for proofreaders to work in a varied and immediate online environment. Proofreading Academy courses meet this demand.

Our partners

At Proofreading Academy we pride ourselves on being an astute and friendly team, with an abundance of professional proofreading experience. We partner with individuals, businesses, non-profits, and work with you to reach your proofreading potential.


We help individuals to be freelance and take control of their own lives. Our course is 100% online and is accessible from anywhere in the world. We have a work guarantee for successful graduates of our Becoming A Proofreader course, whereby successful course graduates can join Proofed as a freelance proofreader after reaching 80% or greater on the final assignments.

Organizations and non-profits

We can provide bespoke, inhouse, or off the peg proofreading training for your team, empowering your back office teams to use digital tools effectively and efficiently.

Do you want to get your team’s English use up to scratch? If you’re tired of typos, sloppy expression and waffly prose, get in touch with us now! We’ve been training adults to proofread for years and provide fun, interactive, and engaging ways to learn about language.

Our bespoke training for companies is available both online and in-house. Choose from a 1-day seminar with one of our professional trainers or a tailored course, designed to meet your needs.

We can create courses to teach:

  • Writing skills (Business, creative, or academic)
  • Proofreading and editing skills
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • English for ESL (English as a Second Language) students
  • Microsoft Word
  • Formatting
  • Style
  • Referencing and Citations

This option is great for:

  • Companies who need to train lots of staff over time
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training

If you are a registered non-profit organization we will even work with you on a pro-bono basis. Absolutely free. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.

Coming soon!

We will create a like-minded community of freelance proofreaders.

We are working towards a membership-driven community with ongoing resources and lifetime access to courses; members will also receive exclusive notifications about potential career opportunities at Proofed and Proofreading Academy.

Members will also be able to use our logo, contact our expert team of course administrators and tutors, and network with other freelance proofreaders.